Creations Concept

      Classy, unique & chic fine jewellery, is the spirit of our creations. Wearing our creations, you feel up-to-date in an elegant style. Most of our creations are suited for dress-up or dress-down, for weddings and many other special occasions.

      We also customize jewellery upon request. We will deeply understand the vision (not the details) of what customers want, and input our suggestions. Up-to-date, all customers are very happy with their custom orders. They said that the jewellery was beyond their original imagination. 

      All jewellery showed on each image online & in-store are designed and made by MaiYa Pearls in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each piece of jewellery is one-of-a-kind in our online store: what you see will be what you get.   

      As you can see, we mainly use cultured pearls, with a combination of different precious & semi-precious gemstones, such as moonstones, turquoise, amethyst, coral, emerald, & diamond.  We select pearls and stones worldwide, in beautiful, unique shapes & colors, as well as classical perfect round and waterdrop pearls. With our creator's classy & chic taste in structuring and color coordinations, unique pieces of jewellery are created from scratch. Our pearls include fine cultured freshwater pearls, fine cultured saltwater pearls, and we are increasing the amount of wild pearls.

         Maintaining a high quality standard is our No.1 priority, meanwhile, we also want to offer the best price for our customers. We use high quality precious metals into making all our products. Every detail is carefully analyzed and considered in the creating process, which including the metals hidden inside the stones. We select highest quality findings in 925 sterling silver, 930 Argentium silver, 14k gold filled, 14k gold, 18k gold, etc. Occasionally, we use titanium I/O white gold into some our creations, because the titanium we use has a platinum effect, hypoallergenic properties, and exceptional strength. This approach will increase the overall costs of making the jewelry, however, customers will appreciate the details because time will tell the differences between what materials have been used.

      Enjoy browsing and shopping in our online store or physical boutiques!

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